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a woman sitting at a table in a restaurant

Allison Strunk

General Manager

Allison began her restaurant career in 2009, quickly realizing she had a passion for hospitality and delivering memorable guest experiences. Since then, she’s added a special focus on whiskey and bourbon education. As the general manager of the 703 Bar and Kitchen at the Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks, Allison and her team of bartenders participated in the Marriott Bourbon certification program. Following completion of the program, Allison traveled to Louisville, KY where she completed the Executive Bourbon Steward program for the Stave & Thief society. There, she underwent extensive training on bourbon history, tasting and hands-on education of bourbon production. She was able to use this knowledge to curate a whiskey list for 703 that complemented the comfortable southern food prepared by Chef Peter McCall. In September of 2019, she followed Chef Peter to the Alexandrian where she became General Manager of Jackson 20, and now, King & Rye.

Allison brings her passion for whiskey to King & Rye with an extensive list of proper whiskeys and creative craft cocktails fit for new whiskey drinkers and experts alike. Michter’s Rye is her go-to for making cocktails, or for sipping neat, but her favorite is Thomas H. Handy Rye (when she can find it). Allison and her team look forward to continuing to share their genuine southern hospitality and delivering one of the best experiences King Street has to offer.